Music Video from the 2009 album:
A Good Man
by Mark Hilton & the Lavender Girls.

Clip directed by Megan Spencer.
Features Jess Ribeiro & Karen Cieri of Darwin, Australia.

Landing On Your Feet

Words & Music Copyright © 2007 Mark Hilton

There she stands with her milk white hands
Some of ’em tried, a few of ’em died

But you’re always landing on your feet
They’re never gonna get you beat
Somethin’ to fight for
You got it all worked out

She’s so fine, I know she’s not mine
Lesson got learned when she got burned

Flyin’ coffee table hit your car
But you still know who you are
They’ll never find you in some suburban dream

Where did she go?
You don’t want to know
Like a dog with a bone she travels alone

Baby crocodile on your dash
They didn’t get you when your car got trashed
They tried to fail you, tried to nail you down