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Mark Hilton (2022)

The girlfriend album - Americana, roots and country rock. A handbrake can hold you back, but it can also save your life when the slope is too slippery. It's a cliff hanger.

My Bananas
Mark Hilton (2021)

There's Ranchera and Tex-Mex sauce on this enchilada. It's a cool Bossa cruise and a rocky Rumba romp, for spirits set free. We'll stop off in seedy bars along the way, visit dark alleys and sunlit esplanades. High times down below, so get on board.

Mark Hilton (2017)

Kick your shoes off and run free over the hills and into the valleys. These stories are spiced with Gypsy, Latin and Portuguese flavours in a Jazz swing and Country mood. Dobro, mandolin, archtop guitar, violin and sweet harmonies over tall tales and true.

Lookin' At You
Mark Hilton & the Two Few (2012)

Songs about the buildup and the breakdown. It's aching hearts, wounded friendships, tropical splendour and saving graces. All acoustic - guitar, harmonica, dobro, banjo, mandolin, violin, upright bass. Mastered in Nashville by Ray Kennedy.

A Good Man
Mark Hilton & the Lavender Girls (2009)

From the far north comes this unexpected collaboration between an ex-Melbourne songsmith and a hillbilly trio. Bullfiddle, drums, dobro & banjo make this album all acoustic. It continues in the tradition of personal storytelling and captivating melodies.

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Here Come The Indians
Mark Hilton (2003)

A pop-rock affair with twangy grooves, catchy hooks, riffin' guitars and a BritPop vibe. Anita Quayle plays some chilling cello on "Faith is a Fool" and "Underneath the Covers".

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Beauty & Innocence
Mark Hilton (2000)

Surf guitar, Eastern bedlam and a guest appearance by Chris Copping (Procol Harum). "What I Want" was voted #4 in Australia on a JJJ listener's poll. Eclectic rock for retro buffs.

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Sleep is Calling (EP)
Mark Hilton & the Holy Ghosts (1997)

Classic pop rock fare that swerves in a tempo-fest from subtle musings to a cool funky groove-a-long. The gothic conclusion is delta blues and cathedral like.

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