Solo @ Paradise Bar 2021

SOLO @ Paradise Bar 2021

5 October 2021 |
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Solo @ Bar La Sarten

SOLO @ Bar La Sarten

2 October 2021 |
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SOLO @ Paradise Bar 2021, Vera Playa, España, 6pm SAT 9 Sep.

SOLO @ Paradise Bar 2021

26 September 2021 |
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Solo @ Bar El Arco

Solo @ Bar El Arco

21 September 2021 |
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Can’t Take It

17 May 2021 |

Track 2 from the 2021 album “My Bananas” Words & Music Mark Hilton © Copyright 2019Catalogue #740 Gonna stick my enchilada in the microwaveI ain’t thinkin’ about the money but all the time I’d saveCome on over in my kitchen honeyLittle Bobby Johnson got the blues Well the bonny little prince got caught up in…

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Long Goodbye

8 April 2021 |

Track 1 from the 2021 album “My Bananas” Long Goodbye Words & Music Mark Hilton © Copyright 2019Catalogue #719 Every Christmas I go back to LondonAnd buy myself an ounce of cokeTry to tell myself I’m young at heartBut all my kids think I’m a joke Sad but it’s trueI lost my homeSeven long years…

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New Video – Barefoot in the Dark

3 July 2018 |

Many thanks to all the friends and musicians who helped with the making of this video for the title track off the “Barefoot” album.

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“Sweet Monique” on YouTube

19 April 2018 |

An animation video for “Sweet Monique is now on YouTube. You can also access it from the VIDEO page menu. Enjoy!

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LOS Festivaal

28 March 2018 |

It’s been a while. Still in Apeldoorn and just enjoyed recent gigs at Checkpoint Charlie in Amsterdam and Salon 1813 Apeldoorn. I’ve been busy setting up a room to write and record in. Exciting for me, and I’ll be doing just a few gigs in the coming months as the warmer weather approaches. Next gig…

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Hilton & Mr. Robert

13 September 2017 |

Tonight at BROMA (not a bar) 41 Nguyen Hue, D1, HCMC, VIETNAM Hilton & Mr. Robert 9:30pm to Midnight Hear songs from the upcoming album “Barefoot” Robert Carbonaro adds beautiful vocal harmonies and cool guitar lines on his archtop electric.    

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After rain, comes sunshine…

24 July 2017 |

CLICK HERE to read the article in Apeldoorn Direct Photo by GERARD OLTMANS

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Cigar Box guitar

17 July 2017 |

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Thousand Bucks Tip

22 May 2017 |

I was lucky enough to have Robert Carbonaro playing great guitar and singing heartfelt harmonies at our Boathouse gig last Friday. We almost got rained out and the PA spat the dummy, but despite obstacles, we gave the audience some enchanted evening. As we were packing up, a mum and daughter approached, to thank us for the music.…

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Miss Su Li – rediscovered

15 March 2017 |

I was playing this song last night with my good friend Davis Zunk and the Wanderlusters in O’Brien’s Pub, Saigon – and remembered the back projection animation that Sambo created for us at the Darwin Festival 2009. Some of the animation elements were from a time lapse video section with art collage by Marlene Kranz.…

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CD BABY is now up

23 February 2017 |

FINALLY all works are back online! Go to the SHOP page and click the links to CD BABY For each album you can now get a physical CD mailed to you, or download Mp3 of albums or individual tracks. Streaming services will be online mid March. Here is a direct link to the main page…

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The Flamingo Lounge

16 September 2016 |

Mark Hilton & the Flamingo Lounge NEW trio playing HCMC, Vietnam early October features: Robert Carbonaro – electric guitar & BVs Davis Zunk – mando & BVs Mark Hilton – acoustic guitar & vocals The songlist is from Mark’s last 3 albums and some new tracks penned in Australia, Vietnam and more recently Europe. Watch…

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Cultuurkwartier OPEN @ GIGANT

22 August 2016 |

Mark Hilton SAT 27 Aug  > 12:45 – 13:30 Cultuurkwartier OPEN @ GIGANT Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

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Limes House Concert Fri AUG 12

3 August 2016 |

Limes House Concert Obernhain GERMANY FRI AUG 12 @ 19:00 BOOKINGS:

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Salon 1813

20 July 2016 |

First gig in the Netherlands this year – this is a lovely venue with great food and a cosy atmosphere. Eerste optreden in Nederland dit jaar – dit is een mooie plek met heerlijk eten en een gezellige sfeer – gezellig! FRI 22 AUG > 6:30pm – 9 Salon 1813, Deventerstraat 13, Apeldoorn, NETHERLANDS Mark…

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Live at LUBU

12 June 2016 |

Mark Hilton SOLO SUN 12 JUNE 4pm-7 LUBU Restaurant, Cafe & Bar 97b Thao Dien, Ho Chi Minh City D2, Vietnam

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