A children’s song that will remind adults of a time when their world was a kaleidoscope of wonderful discoveries.

I wrote the tune for my nephew, recorded it quickly and tinkered on the video clip over the xmas holidays adding photos and video footage as I went.

He posed for the shots not realizing it was for anything in particular, and 2 days later got a nice surprise DVD in a small suitcase under the christmas tree.

Demo version of Track 11 on the 2012 album “Lookin’ At You”
LISTEN to the studio version on Spotify and Apple Music

Max’s Suitcase

Words & Music Mark Hilton Copyright © 2009
Catalogue #529

Walkin’ by the river lookin’ at the fish
Tryin’ to imagine, time to make a move before the flowers bloom
You’re anticipatin’ good things ahead
Hard work is over, now you can collect all your bits and pieces

Put ‘em in a suitcase, throw it in the boot and drive up the ranges
Chasin’ the sun and the clouds like there’s no tomorrow

Layin’ on a hillside underneath the stars
Listen to the wind movin’ through the trees, dancin’ with the leaves
Readin’ by a candle, flicker in the light
Now you’re getting’ sleepy and you wander through a dream
about places where you’ve never been

In a waterfall, no one ‘round for miles
When the day stands still, you remember

Babble like a brook, tumble in the grass
Run down the gully after bits of broken glass
Lookin’ for treasure, shiny little stones,
bottle tops and shells that shimmer in the sun,
like tiny little fish on the run