This is the demo version.
The studio version with banjo is Track 7 on the 2012 album “Lookin’ At You”
by Mark Hilton & the Two Few

Shot entirely on an iPhone when that was a relatively new idea…

A few of you have been asking about the guitar sound. I wish I could do all that on one guitar, but actually I’m just playing rhythm on a Gibson acoustic. The lazy lead lines are played by Toby Robinson on a National Steel. Toby is also doing some backing vocals. Anyway – here are the lyrics…

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Lazy Susan

Words & Music Mark Hilton © Copyright 2010
Catalogue #536

Lazy Susan, when you gonna settle down?
I remember when you were just a girl
Dressed in every colour
Just in case you missed a few
Lipstick traces in all the wrong places
Your lonesome blues
All your life, waitin’ for the perfect guy
Lazy Susan, I hate to see a woman cry

Lazy Susan, underneath your eiderdown
When the rains come, you’re movin’ to another town
Pretty in your powder blue holden, your sunnies and two-tone shoes
Your long tall stories of faded glories
Your lonesome blues
All your life, waitin’ for the man to come
Lazy Susan, I can tell you’re not that dumb

Lazy Susan, forgive me if I seem to be rude
At the drive-in I was just an interlude
All that back-seat action, with anyone you’d choose
Party dresses and hot caresses
Your lonesome blues
All your life, I could never tell what’s real
Lazy Susan, you’re caught in some crazy deal
All your life, you’re sadder than a circus clown
Lazy Susan, when you gonna settle down?

All that back-seat action, I miss it like a birthday cake
Lazy Susan, I don’t wanna see you break.