Week in Selang

Catalogue #550 – Words & Music Copyright © 2010 Mark Hilton

Drivin’ along with the window down
It’s a rollercoaster ride through the bungalows and bars
I think we’re almost there

Never been here before, but it looks like Amed
I’ve seen the pretty pictures, you can smell the salty air
We’ve got a week in Selang

You know I feel so fine, I’m leavin’ workplace politics far behind
I’m lookin’ out to sea, I tell myself that they didn’t have it in for me

Like a new-born babe with an ocean view
Gonna wipe it all out in a day or two
Yeh I can breathe again

No TV news, they don’t even have the internet
All I can do is lay around sleepin’ in the afternoon

Ridin’ along with the wind in my hair
On a green & blue scooter, just a couple of kids
Well that’s the way it seems

You know I feel so fine, got my arms around my baby, she don’t seem to mind
I’m lookin’ out to sea, doesn’t matter if it’s temporary, I feel free.