From the album:
Here Come the Indians

RockStar gone wrong – great performance from Victor Griss here

Come On Cal

Words & Music Copyright © 2000 Mark Hilton

Come on Cal
You missed your aeroplane
A bottleneck
Let me guess
You meant to do it all the same
It’s not an accident
Oh, no

Come on Cal
You’re dressed up in your best
Where ya goin’?
What’s the rush?
You made your sister blush again
It’s not an accident
Oh, no

Did you hear a single word she said?
Vultures circle overhead
Emperor’s in his biker shorts
Lookin’ good by all reports

Come on Cal
You’re jumpin’ on the spot
(You) think you’re hot
But you’re not
L.A.’s got you by the balls
The leather pants and all
Oh, no

Come on Cal
You’re out of alibis
You’re stackin’ up the lies
You’re charm is out of gas
You’re snappy but you’re crass
Oh, no

Come on Cal
Don’t be so lame.