Not Responsible

Catalogue #521 – Words & Music Copyright © 2009 Mark Hilton

I’m not responsible for you
And all the dumb things you do
If you betray my trust
You won’t see me for dust

When you get in a muddle and you fall in a puddle
And you make a mess of everything
I’m stuck in the middle like a cat on a fiddle
Waitin’ ‘till the fat lady sings

But you’re blind as a bat and deaf as a post
And your rules are always bent
You don’t hear a thing ‘cos you don’t really listen
You’d talk under wet cement

Well it’s not so funny when you call me honey
but you really wanna ring my neck
you’re checkin’ my pockets for any kind of docket
but you tell me that you never check
you’re lookin’ for the evidence to show I’m cheatin’ on you
but I’m not stupid, won’t fool with cupid
I don’t want anyone new

You’re dumb as they come and thick as a brick
But I love you just the same
When I’m up in the hills you’re runnin’ up bills
And I’m the one who’s gonna end up payin’
I’m lookin’ for the evidence to show me where you’ve been
If you want my heart I think you better start
Cleanin’ up your act before the rot sets in

If you don’t change I’ll sue
I’m not responsible for you

Photo by Paz Tassone