Max’s Suitcase

Catalogue #550 – Words & Music Copyright © 2010 Mark Hilton

Walkin’ by the river
lookin’ at the fish
tryin’ to imagine
time to make a move
before the flowers bloom

You’re anticipatin’
good things ahead
hard work is over
now you can collect
all your bits and pieces

Put ‘em in a suitcase
throw it in the boot
and drive up the ranges
chasin’ the sun and the clouds
like there’s no tomorrow

Layin’ on a hillside
underneath the stars
listen to the wind
movin’ through the trees
dancin’ with the leaves

Readin’ by a candle
flicker in the light
now you’re getting’ sleepy
and you wander through a dream
about places where you’ve never been

In a waterfall
no one ‘round for miles
when the day stands still
you remember

Babble like a brook
tumble in the grass
run down the gully
after bits of broken glass
lookin’ for treasure
shiny little stones
bottle tops and shells
that shimmer in the sun
like tiny little fish on the run