Track 1 from the 2021 album “My Bananas”
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Long Goodbye

Words & Music Mark Hilton © Copyright 2019
Catalogue #719

Every Christmas I go back to London
And buy myself an ounce of coke
Try to tell myself I’m young at heart
But all my kids think I’m a joke

Sad but it’s true
I lost my home
Seven long years in the valley of tears
And still she won’t leave me alone

My wife says my life is only grey skies
But darlin’ you’re one long goodbye

Now I don’t live down in some basement
Shuttered up from the ice and wind
It’s a tropical place with a friendly face
Where I can forget all my sins

Sad, but it’s true…

Takes two to tango
So why won’t she let go?
Back in the day we were friends
But lovers don’t ever forget
They hang on to the end

Now there’s a new guy
You got some blue sky
So why don’t you cut me some slack?
If I don’t mean anything
Who put the knife in my back?

Every birthday I miss all the children
All the wedding days I won’t attend
The vows that get sworn
Babies get born
And somehow the broken hearts mend

Sad, but it’s true…