La Di Da Di Da

Catalogue #540 – Words & Music Copyright © 2010 Mark Hilton

La Di Da Di Da
La Di Da Di Dee
Come over here honey
and sit down on my knee

La Di Da Di Da
La Di Da Di Dee
Come a little closer baby,
I’ll tell you somethin’ for free

You might think I’m stupid
you know for sure I’m poor
But when you see what I got
you’ll come back for more

I don’t need a hammer
a pickaxe or a saw
‘cos I got the right key
to open up your door

I might be a bumpkin
with hayseed on my shirt
But when you come on over
we’ll be rollin’ in the dirt

I’m sophisticated
in the way that counts
Open up your back door baby
you just watch me pounce

All the boys got big cars
they got big tractors too
But I know you’ll forget them all
when I get big on you

La Di Da Di Dum
La Di Da Di Doo
Sit yourself down
and I’ll show you a thing or two

La Di Da Di Doo
La Di Da Di Dum
Look out baby, here I come!


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