Garnham Harbour Cruise

The Aquatic Dave Garnham

Anyone would think I lived on a boat. So back in Australia only a day or two and Dave Garnham decides to celebrate the end of recording his new album by taking the gang on a harbour cruise. They’d just spent a week or more indoors at Kakadu Studios (or is that Subsonic?), so fresh air was a novel concept and possibly an imperative. I’ve never been on Michael’s boat, but what a bewdy it is. Toby & Corinne had just got engaged so Corinne was swiftly dispatched to the bridge for steering duties, while bosun Robinson handled refreshments.

Bosun Robinson

G yanked ropes and looked like he actually knew what he was doing, Jill reminded us all how special Darwin is, Steve reminded us all how special music is, Chuck & Justin looked like the rock stars they are, and Dave looked like a very happy man.

Chuck, Corinne and G

It’s a pity Dan & Alex couldn’t make it, but by the time Steve had generously plastered us at the Deck, the ride home was amberiguous. Thanks for putting up with us Michael.

Waylon Jenkins & Justin Time