Day 15 – Darwin to Nashville

Saturday 6th. July 2013

Breakfast at Frothy Monkey with Ray.
We then head out to his studio aptly named Room & Board.

I’m given a look at the facilities, play him some rough versions of songs I can almost remember and try a couple of his guitars. I’ve only been back on the horse for a week, so not exactly peaking. More like sneaking. Actually it’s more like a bull in a china shop. Luckily we’re all adults here.

It’s a relaxed atmosphere in the main tracking room which includes a kitchen, breakfast table, and mics set up around it. I flash back to reading about Peter Gabriel’s studio in the 90s that had mics set up in every room – including the throne room! Not sure the latter would be my location of choice. Maybe I made that up…probably the bathroom. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

We talk about lyrics, genres & styles and I play some back catalogue tracks off the iPad. He plays me one of his songs with a Tony Joe White vibe, plus recent mixes he’s working on etc. This all goes on into the late afternoon and we do talk about other stuff apart from music, music, music…but mainly music, then Ray drops me back at Gartland Ave.

For a guy with a hectic schedule, he’s very generous with his time. Apart from the technical stuff in terms of musical skills, equipment and a trapdoor mind…he’s a songwriter, is very personable and gives good critique. He’s admirable and likeable. We get on well. So the wheels are in motion. Of course there are some logistics to deal with so let’s see how all that goes.

I eat dinner at Marche with me, myself and I. The food is delicious but it feels a bit weird ‘cos the place is full of happy smiling couples and cheery groups of diners. I just sit and read the paper to make it look like I am doing something, but in fact my head is buzzing with thoughts about the day and where it could lead…..or not. It’s all hot air until we actually make the music, but a mood of optimism is tapping me on the shoulder.

Gotta get up at 5 to catch the bus to Memphis, so it’s an early night.
That means I go to bed early. It’s got little to do with sleep.
How could it anyway? I’m going to Graceland tomorrow.