Catalogue #569 – Words & Music Copyright © 2011 Mark Hilton

Becky, I don’t know what to say
Don’t wanna go public, but I figure
The way things are goin’
there’s only a few people are gonna hear this anyway

I love you, you know I always will
And the other two beautiful girls
I miss them still

I could write you a letter
But I’m hopin’ this is all I have to do
To get a message to you

Oh Becky, how’s it goin’ down south?
‘cos I got an SMS sayin’ nothin’s really changed
and you’re still livin’ hand to mouth

So tell me, are you really happy?
I know you can be strong, you can get from day to day
But I’m hopin’ that somehow you can find a way

‘cos we all get a little bit sad
and life can be so bad
you gotta look for the light
to make everything alright – alright?

Oh Becky, now I’ve got another life
Yeh, I’m a lucky guy
But I’m always choosin’ women
Who say they never want to be my wife

Oh Becky, I don’t know what to say
Well we broke up a happy home
And now they’re out on their own
Half way around the world
But I still love all you beautiful girls
And the only thing that I can do
Is send my love to you
Oh Becky, I don’t know what to say.