Track 1 from the 2017 album “Barefoot”

Many thanks to all the friends and musicians who helped with the making of this.
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Barefoot in the Dark

Words & Music Mark Hilton © Copyright 2012
Catalogue #595

You know you always get what you deserve
Steppin’ ‘round the landmines, checkin out the funky herbs
If I could steal your heart for a day or two
I’d wear it on my sleeve, I’d try to be brave like you

And so the story goes
I’d like to step inside your clothes
Doesn’t really matter what the good books say
I don’t think I’ll make it to the judgment day
‘cos we go walkin’ barefoot in the dark

Climbin’ up to the bottom of a big black hole
Standin’ in the queue, tryin’ to repossess my soul
Contraband and a handshake to swing the deal
There’s Judas in the wings, tradin’ in his Mum for a meal

The man in black’s got a hoodwinked girl
They’re talkin’ to the spirits, but they don’t wanna walk in this world
My legs are achin’, but I kinda like the way it feels
I’m standin’ at the crossroads, waitin’ for the wagon wheel.